Narrow (8V) Belts
In construction and properties the narrow belts are similar to the wedge belts in performance, with only difference being the additional top ridge provided in the narrow belts. These belts are manufactured according to specification RMA-IP 22 and also known as American Wedge Belts.

Interchangeability between Narrow & Wedge belts
Narrow 3V = Wedge SPZ
Narrow 5V = Wedge SPB
(NB. This is only applicable to single belts)

-    Temperature range: -18°C to +80°C
-    Maximum recommended belt speed is 30m/sec*
-    Permissible flex rate f=100 per second
-    Less deformation of the belt cross-section when in contact with the pulleys ensures better contact between the belt flanks and the pulley grooves
-    Antistatic, oil and Heat Resistant
* For belt speed more than 30m/s, pulleys must be dynamically balanced

These sections are standardised in USA and Canada therefore it is primarily used in machines exported to/from these countries. 8V section belts are used in heavy duty drives such stone crushers.

The standard length designation for Narrow belts is as follows:
Belt number/10 = Outside length in inches

Example: 5V 950 means 950/10= 95 inches outside length