Taper Grid Couplings (KCP)
You can get more favorable convenience and reduce costs by using KCP Taper Grid Steel Flexible Couplings.

The movement of the grid in the lubricated grooves accommodates
parallel missalignment and permits full functioning
of the grid-groove action in damping out shock and
Under angular misalignment, the grid-groove design permits
a rocking and sliding action of the lubricated grid and hubs
without any loss of power through the resilient grid
Unrestrained end float of driving and driven members is
permitted because the grid slides freely in the lubricated
Torsional flexibility is the advantage of KCP Taper Grid
Couplings, providing flexible accommodation to changing
load conditions

1.    When overload occurs, grid breaks and prevents breaking shaft or machinery parts connected
2.    When the parallel misalignment is too severe, the relating machine is protected by the virtue of shearing Grid on Tooth.
3.    The life of parts (Mechanical Seal and Bearing, etc) can be extended by more than double
4.    Quick installation and easy maintenance reduce labor cost and down-time costs
5.    KCP Grid coupling is interchangeable with international major brands
6.    It always transmits the power fully (100%) in low noise
7.    You can use it as cheaper maintenance cost by changing damaged parts only

Pin-Bush Flange coupling and Chain Couplings have usually been used, but now using the KCP TAPER GRID COUPLINGS, you will get many benefits

1. When required to reduce vibration and shock load
2. When required adequate power transmission under line misalignment
3. When required adequate power transmission under angular misalignment
4. When required adequate power transmission under end floating
5. When required to prevent breaking of the machinery parts under over load
6. When reverse revolution is required
7. When required smooth starting

Method of Selection
Taper Grid Couplings Range
Dimensions – Horizontal
Dimensions – Vertical
Misalignment Capacity