KCM (Japan)
KCM (Japan) – Kaga Industries Co. Ltd

KCM is an exclusive roller chain manufacturer certified by ISO 9001 (International Quality Management and Assurance Standard).  This certification was attained on April 4,1995 through examination by SGS Yarsley ICS.

KCM Strives to maintain its world recognized quality products, which meet the expectations of our satisfied customers.

Using state of the art manufacturing and quality assurance technology, KCM is exclusively dedicated to the production of the Finest Quality Roller Chains and Conveyor Chains available.

This Dedication to Quality helps to insure the Reliability of The Products which KCM's Customers Produce.

A Wide Range of Products on Demand
To meet the Challenges of the mechatronics age, K.C.M. Consistently provides prompt and reliable delivery of a wide range of high quality precision chain products. The product range includes transmission roller chains, as well as chains for bicycles, motorcycles and agricultural and industrial machinery.

KCM Website: www.kcm.co.jp
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