SY (Japan)
SY (Japan) Sugiyama Chain Co., Ltd.

Since 1946, SUGIYAMA CHAIN CO., LTD. has successfully marketed its chain in many industrial countries. They have been taking many opportunities for technical innovation and then aggressively incorporated the advanced technology into our manufacturing method of power transmission chain. In 1987, they became the first manufacturer in the world to develop SBR (Solid Bush and Roller) chain.

Their solid bushings and solid rollers are cold-forged from steel rod. The process allows them to design these parts with a totally cylindrical inside diameter and finely finished surfaces. This enhanced chain life much longer as a result of the improved wear resistance.

In the Chilean mining accident in 2010, SY chains played a great role in the percussion drills that created 6 inch-diameter boreholes to find 33 miners trapped 700 meters underground. In order to meet the industrial needs of roller chain, Sugiyama Chain Company is making every effort to be perceived as a trustworthy manufacturer not only in Japan but also in the whole world. They commit themselves to further improve the accuracy of chain component parts.

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